Keeping Your Facilities Safe & Accessible with 24-Hour Snow & Ice Management

Keeping Your Facilities Safe & Accessible with 24-Hour Snow & Ice Management

Serving Columbus, Dublin & Delaware, OH and the surrounding areas

Before winter weather begins, getting a plan in place for how you will take care of your property when the snow begins to fall is a necessity. As a business owner, facility owner, property manager, or operations manager, it's essential that your parking lot and sidewalks are cleared and de-iced before your customers and employees begin to arrive. Our snow & ice management in will ensure that your property is effectively cleared down to the pavement to make it safer for all visitors.

Utilizing some of the best equipment and knowledge in the industry, we offer 24/7/365 snow and ice management services throughout the Central Ohio region to get everyone who sets foot on your property safely to your doors.

Reducing Your Risks and Providing Peace of Mind

Our professional and experienced team of managers and operators will provide ice management services to help you reduce the risk and liability related to snow & ice. Our staff is prompt and efficient to provide excellent customer service.

We will continuously monitor ever-changing weather patterns, storms, and air/ground temperatures to make sure your property is in the safest condition possible. Through our GPS backed software and in field snow tracking app, our field staff can make sure your property gets serviced correctly, timely, and efficiently, the first time.

Offering Full Service Snow & Ice Management  for Your Facilities

Offering Full Service Snow & Ice Management for Your Facilities

Our staff provides a variety of services to help you meet your needs. Some of the helpful winter services we offer for your convenience include:

  • Snow removal of parking areas, entrances, streets, and sidewalks
  • De-Icing using liquid treated rock salt (works faster and at lower temperatures than plain rock salt)
  • Anti icing / de-icing applications using liquid salt brine and high performance additives to perform in the lowest of temperatures
  • Snow removal and de-icing of sidewalks, steps, and ramps
  • We service office buildings, medical centers, hotels, retailers, and industrial properties
  • Whatever your needs are, our experienced staff can ensure your property remains accessible and safe during the winter season.

    Owned and managed by a current CSP (Certified Snow Professional), you can ensure that we make the right decisions for each event, as each event has its own methods of approach. As an active member of SIMA, The Snow and Ice Management Association, and being an Accredited Snow Contractor, we have access to the best education and resources in the industry. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge, training, and equipment to service your property accurately and promptly. We offer per occurrence, seasonal pricing, and time and material contracts to allow the flexibility of your budgeting needs.

    Contact us for an on-site evaluation and proposal to maintain your property. We proudly serve Columbus, Dublin & Delaware, OH, and the surrounding areas.